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- August 28, 2018


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Not everyone can dominate the internet. It takes a
certain determination and intellect. The big fun in
working your plan is when you run across anything
and I mean anything that is a time saver and a great
quality product. Covert Social Press makes my work
easier. This wordpress theme truly rocks…

What Covert Social Press does is brilliant. It is
quick as any other theme to install and the basic
optimization is quite easy to accomplish. If you do
any of your own website work and are familliar with
the basics of website setup you will have quite an
easy time getting the site ready for your content.

Since the big game online is integrating the social
networks into the websites as much as possible, covert
social press gives you a real head start by asking you
for basic connection information. Once you supply
this during the setup phase, your posts and pages
will have the correct interlinking to generate that
exposure you need from each of your posts.

The button to capture content to your blog is quite
a bit like the Pinterest button and oh-so-easy to use.
I had 5 new posts up on my blog in the first hour of
installing the theme and I can tell you I am very
excited and optimistic because Post development has
been a weaker spot in my strategy. Now it’s easy.

Not only that but the site looks really pro now with
sleek lines and attractive form. People are signing
up to get content emailed to them when it’s published
which is awesome. The theme also attracts people to
leave their links back to their content. This turns
your site into a type of social bookmarking site and
I can’t wait to see what that does to my rankings.

The last thing that really has my head spinning about
covert social press is the potential to jazz up old
domains I have had for a while and been looking to
sell. The big downside of old domains is that you
can’t sell them for any decent price because they
have no traffic or income. Covert Social Press makes
it easy to quickly make a site look awesome with great
content which will definately earn you top dollars on
the sale. Covert Social Press

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